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What have you been doing in Kazakhstan?

That takes awhile to answer.

When I first arrived I did not actually expect to be doing much more than being a tourist and perhaps learning a bit more Russian, since I knew practically none on arrival.

However, shortly after I came here I met another expatriate that was working on some interesting technology projects. I spent slightly more than two years managing a team that put together the software needed to run a network service that would have, had it ever launched, been somewhat similar to Plaxo or Linked In, but specifically targeted at Palm handhelds and smartphones, and offered extremely powerful synchronization options. Basically, it would have allowed people to interconnect their address books in a way that updated information would propagate throughout the network based on the preferences and permissions expressed by each member. Unfortunately we lacked the resources to launch and support it ourselves and our efforts to find a partner did not come to fruition.

After that I spent two years with a local independent internet service provider as the head of their internet services department. After my departure the company experienced some problems as a result of a feud between the major local shareholder and other managers brought in after me.

I spent two years managing the regional office of Galileo International, which is global distribution system for airline reservations and schedules. That company faces an uphill challenge against an entrenched competitor, and earlier this year they opted to move their regional headquarters to Bishkek, the capital of neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

This leaves me, for the moment, on my own recognizance.