New Apartment Views

Some photos taken of the view from the new apartment are now on the Kazakhstan page of the photo gallery.

NarcoCam Returns

The NarcoCam, which has been down for a protracted absence, is back at least for today, and pending the resolution of connectivity issues, may be back for good. Stay tuned.


I had a dream I hopped a freight train in my stocking feet. I hung on to the railing of the last car. The train took me to Tewksbury, to a place that looked like Pinewood Gardens. My father, brother and sister met me there. I need shoes. It's now more like a circus. We walk for awhile. Dad wants to show me a placque labeled D20 where he says Bancroft School promised to reserve space for Sarah's cubbyhole. It's on somebody's front walk. There is a twisted, melted mess of little placques and monuments. It looks like a pet cemetery. Dad goes inside.

An Alternative To Hashing

For those who aren't into drinking beer out of bedpans, or who just like to get a little more exercise than slogging uphill from beerstop to beerstop implies, there's Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate Handbook, Groups of people play about three times a week in Almaty.

Say Hello To...

It would appear I've been renamed, with the evidence photographed for posteriority...

When Worlds Collide

The raw rock sound of the band Boston (and I use that term loosely, since what I really mean is the sound of engineer/musician Tom Sholz) and the Internet have been two of my longest standing interests. And so it seems strange to note that only recently did I find that there was any connection between the two.

SEC investigates NextCard

I used to have one of these cards. Great, convenient online system for everything from application to statements to payments.

Their failure seems to be a result not of extending bad credit, but of overspending.

What the heck were they spending on?

SEC investigates NextCard - The SEC has subpoenaed the company for documents and launched a formal probe, said NextCard, which formerly issued credit cards over the Internet.

Former Turkmen Political Prisoner Facing Deportation, Possible Torture

Former Turkmen opposition figure Gulgeldy Annaniyazov is in a Kazakh detention center after a failed attempt to flee to Moscow using forged documents. Annaniyazov, who spent nearly five years in jail for his role organizing an antigovernment protest in Ashgabat in 1995, began his journey in August by illegally crossing the Turkmen border into Kazakhstan, and faces certain imprisonment if he returns home. Now human rights groups are trying to convince Kazakh officials not to deport Annaniyazov, saying he risks torture and abuse if sent back to Turkmenistan.

Site Software Upgraded

Well, in about an hour's worth of work, the site has been updated to the latest release of Drupal 4. This software is being used in our web group for several different client sites, as it is fast, flexible, provides XML RSS output, has localization/translation capabilities and web-based administration.


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