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Kazakhstan: Former KGB Headquarters Reopened As A Museum

Of course, since this article is targeted at the international community outside Almaty, there's no mention of the street address of this new museum. I'll have to find out where it is so I can visit.

Kazakhstan: Former KGB Headquarters Reopened As A Museum - Radio Free Europe Oct 28 2003 10:51PM ET

Nepotism in Central Asia

Aliyev's son strongarms the election process in Azerbaijan. Will Kazakhstan be the next Central Asian monarchy?

Nepotism in Central Asia - New York Times Oct 27 2003 0:53AM ET

Soviet legacy pours oil on Caspian flames

Violent election incidents like this are not unknown, but not uncommon in the region. However, election irregularities are rampant.

Soviet legacy pours oil on Caspian flames - Scotland on Sunday Oct 25 2003 10:11PM ET

Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton

Business as usual in Kazakhstan. Halliburton is forced to pay for swindling another oil company out of a field it had first dibs on.

Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton -

Investments in Kazakhstan exceeded $23 bln - president

Announced at the meeting of the Islamic Development Bank's manager's council this week.

Investments in Kazakhstan exceeded $23 bln - president - Interfax Information Agency Sep 2 2003 2:31AM ET

Ericsson Does Kazakh CDMA

Kazakhstani mobile operator Altel, which as an AMPS operator had been left behind by the emergence of two GSM operators, KCell and KMobile, has announced that it will be migrating to 1x CDMA2000 using Ericsson equipment, starting in the fourth quarter of 2003. The new technology will allow Altel to add SMS and MMS capabilities which the older AMPS technology did not support.

Earlier arguments over whether the equipment vendor for Altel would be Motorola or Samsung seem to have been resolved by choosing a third option: Ericsson.

Ericsson Does Kazakh CDMA - Aug 29 2003 0:17AM ET

Best Practices

International organizations that talk about their programs in developing countries and regions are always using the term "best practices" when describing the advice they give to governments and companies in the region. The term itself goes a long way towards relating the history of such organizations in these regions, the problems they face, and their chances of success.

Kazakhstan Prime Minister Resigns

Reuters is now reporting that Kazakhstan's Prime Minister, Imangali Tasmagambetov, has resigned and that his resignation has been accepted by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The acceptance of the resignation means that the entire cabinet must resign.

Halo LANfest In Andover, MA

My brother is running the below Halo LANfest in my home town of Andover, Massachusetts this summer.

:: "Are You Big Enough" HALO LAN Fest :: SAT. July 12th. :: - Well... this is the BIG one. Blackstar Productions in association with Andover Cable Access Television, Joe Spanos, Wess Murphy and the J. Everett Collins Center proudly annouce the hosting of the "Are You Big Enough" HALO LAN fest this July 12th.


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