Business and Personal, June 2002

OK, it's been a while since I updated the page, I know.

The recently launched "Ducat" brand is doing pretty well here so far. We had a booth at the KITEL technology exhibition here and won several awards. The prepaid internet calling card project is moving out of the test phase and into real production, while at the same time we reduce our costs and start to advertise our services; the first radio and television ads for Ducat have been airing the past two weeks, and people are starting to recognize us.

On a personal note, Lena has begun her summer study program in Mannheim, Germany. Hopefully I'll receive some photos soon; I'm planning on visiting myself in a couple of weeks. After that she'll begin a two year master's program either in Berlin or Hamburg. She's already visited Hamburg, and will soon visit Berlin for comparison.

Another friend of mine, Sule Gurel in Turkey, was recently robbed at gunpoint in Ankara, but is safe and sound with no permanent ill effects.

That's about all for now.