Clemmensen named "all-time unsung player" of Hockey East

I have to wonder why an award like this even exists. Why not just hand out, every year, some Awards For the Best Player Who Has Not Yet Received This Award and keep doing it until everyone has one? That'll fix it.

Second, how is a guy who got as much ink as Clemmensen, all of it well-deserved, "unsung"? If an award like this is even going to exist, it should be something along the lines of the Bruins 7th player award-- the best of the guys who wasn't expected to be one of the best, or the player that beats your expectations. Nobody who has followed Hockey East since its creation doesn't know who Clemmensen is and what his accomplishments were. It's ridiculous.

He won three HEA championships and appeared in four NCAA championship semifinals.

The list of runners-up is no less silly: Joe Fallon (UVM), Cal Ingraham (ME), Fernando Pisani (PC) and Joe Sacco (BU).

Joe Sacco? Unsung? Cal Ingraham? Really? Okay, maybe you might not SEE Cal standing there without lowering your chair a notch, but you could certainly still read about him.

Next up, the Hockey East Anniversary committee will be running a ballot for the league's most memorable moment. I have two nominations for this award: the awarding of the All Time Unsung Player Award to Scott Clemmensen last week, or that time BU coach Jack Parker said it was "good for the league" the first time Merrimack College beat the Terriers.