Ecommerce in Kazakhstan

Had a busy day of meetings yesterday-- one with our marketing department about the design and structure of our corporate websites, and one with KazCommerceBank about e-commerce.

Our own company will have at least three separate sites at the beginning: our main site, the web studio site, and the activation/statistics site for our pre-paid dialup internet cards.

Later we'll probably do a portal site for Kazakhstan as well as other sites.

The second meeting was more interesting-- it seems ecommerce has yet to really take hold here, as the entire turnover for last year was less than $1000.

The "Klez" virus has reared its head here, striking many offices in Almaty including AmCham, as well as companies in Atyrau that use our mail server, effectively increasing our traffic on the satellite line to that city by many times.

Lena had to study for her economics exam today, so I just came home and went to bed early.