Halo 2 Trailer Released

Halo 2 Trailer Released - Category: (halo 2 / xbox / media)

The Halo 2 Trailer is finally out, and we've got it right here at Rampancy. It's available in two QuickTime 6 versions: a large, 27 Mb file and a smaller 17 Mb version.

They are optimized for playback under QT6 on OS X. They should play under other software versions (OS 9, QT 5) but in this environment there may be problems with full screen playback (so-called "present" mode).

The small version is 320x192 (doubled), 15 fps, with 16 bit, 96kbps MP3 audio.

The large version is 480x288, 29.97 fps with 16 bit, 128kbps MP3 audio.

Both trailers are also available at RHL.

Thanks to Louis Wu who provided the upload.