Keeping It Clean, Frame By Frame

So the teaser that Bungie wanted to tease us with this past E3 is now out for download on in the usual flavors of QuickTime and Windows Media. Luke Smith's post on calls this a "CG-teaser" and the front page refers to it as being for "one of our current projects".My general impression is that this teaser is for a campaign expansion to Halo 3 that takes place sometime between the departure of Regret's ship from the Mombasa area and the Master Chief's return to Earth at the start of Halo 3. As such the main character or characters may be other human forces, perhaps marines or ODSTs, and the plot may focus on improvising city guerilla warfare against the Covenant forces in the city. The most noticeable point of this trailer is that unlike nearly every Bungie game trailer produced to date, it is completely without music.Without further ado, let's peruse the details the trailer offers.  Click here for the complete text.