Making The Dean's List

Some weeks ago I sent a followup question on an article posted online by Dean Takahashi, author of Opening the Xbox and gaming columnist for the San Jose Mercury News.

Takahashi had made a reference to the still as-yet-unannounced sequel to Halo 2, which everyone assumes is currently being prepared for the Xbox 360 by Bungie Studios as we speak. And we have to do the speaking, because at the moment, Bungie isn't saying much.

At any rate, Takahashi had matter-of-factly mentioned the game as if he knew something the rest of us didn't, and I wanted to check if in fact he had heard something solid from Bungie.

He hadn't-- he was just making the same logical conclusion that most of us have made; that Bungie wants to lie low until the game is closer to completion before making a big fuss. Hopefully, after setting two dates in stone for Halo 1 and Halo 2 and getting games that, while great, many Bungie fans still see as leaving room for being... well.. even more Bungie-like in their greatness, Microsoft will let them really ship the game "when it's done" instead of just paying lip service to the idea.

At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a set of questions from Takahashi last week, asking my opinion about Microsoft's plans for the Xbox 360, launching later this month.

Takahashi has written a feature story about Microsoft's ambitious plans for the Xbox 360. Along with that feature, there are several Reader Views pieces, the first of which is mine.

Initially I was afraid that I was being far too verbose in my answers and that they might have to be edited, but I was gratified to find out that what I wrote was reproduced in full, even to the extent of including a typographical error I missed that was pointed out by a sharp-eyed reader.