ODST Google Earth Map Updated

Now that I've actually gotten my hands on the game, I've been able to add some more data to that Google Earth Network Layer for Halo 3: ODST. Each of the 29 audio locations in the Mombasa Streets level are labeled. So far there's no additional information (screenshots, descriptions) but I will add that as I go through on my next playthrough.I've also added the mission beacons, the supply caches, some landmarks and some of the health pack locations, although these are not exhaustively listed yet. The city streets can get to looking like a twisty maze of little passages, all alike, at times, which is why I'm trying to include notable landmarks like wrecked Oliphants, crashed Banshees, drone wreckage, and other items that might make it easier to tell one place from another.Again, in Google Earth, choose "Network Link" from the Add menu and insert this URL: http://rampancy.net/sites/rampancy.net/files/mombassa_odst.kml and when you launch Google Earth you'll get the latest updates to this layer.If you have additions or changes, put the new or modified items in your own KML file and mail them to me at narcogen@rampancy.net and I'll include them in the network layer.