A Pain In The Asphalt

Okay, so kitchen delivery was supposed to be last Friday. It was delayed because the first part of of the work needs two days, and the guys doing it didn't want to split it over the weekend.

When Monday rolled around, though, something else was rolling around in front of the entrance to the building: a steamroller. They were laying new pavement at the building entrance, so there was no way to get the delivery truck up to the building or even to carry the units in from the street, as the garage entrance only has the smaller passenger elevators.

We were told the asphalt needed 24 hours to dry, so we rescheduled for the next day. The next day, the deliverers were busy. The day after that, they were laying down a second layer of asphalt. Which brings us to the latest delivery date: tomorrow.

In the meantime, installation of the living room/dining room parquet floor has started.