Re-Post of News From Jan 21

Here's a re-post into the new system of the news post from January 21.


Look, some news... finally!Posted by David on 2002-21-01 01:27Well, it's been a long, long time since I updated this page, but since I've had a special request from a certain someone to read it, I thought I'd better put something interesting here.

Before anyone asks, YES I am still in Kazakhstan, and I'll be here for another year at least. I answered most people's questions about where Kazakhstan is and how I ended up here in the FAQ-- which also needs an update. Coming soon, I promise.

Having said that... after being here almost two and a half years (has it really been that long?) I finally did my first hash. I even took some photos at the post-run "on-on" dinner at Bob's place. The earlier parts of the day were spent not skiing-- that is, searching for an appropriate place to ski that was open and somehow failing to do so. Many thanks to Lena (name withheld) not only for the invite to the hash but also for patience during the "not skiing" portion of the day's program.

My new job is very interesting-- after more than a year and a half playing at entrepreneur (still an ongoing concern, trust me) I've now landed a regular daytime job as "E Department Director" for Kazintel. They are the largest (private) telephone company in Kazakhstan. Don't look too closely at that home page... it needs a serious revision.

Going back before that, there is also a page of photos of my friend, Diana Brett, who is the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan, and her daughter Isabella as well as some various scenes around my neighborhood.

And before that, was Christmas at home with family and friends.