Sounds Like Halo Noir

When the rumors about "Halo Blue" and an ODST-focused Halo game first appeared, I began to think that from an intellectual perspective this might be a good game for Bungie, or someone, to make.Part of Halo's appeal, as well as one of its weaknesses, I think, is the special status of the Master Chief as a near-invincible, supercompetent soldier. Ultimately the only challenge the game offers him is near-insurmountable odds. An ODST game could be different, putting you in the shoes of a more vulnerable character with less ambitious goals. I don't know if that is what Bungie will do, but it's a possibility.So while at work I downloaded the smallest version of the trailer, right after it was posted at, and wrote the newspost about the announcement. I watched the trailer without sound. I found myself a bit underwhelmed.The announcement trailer quickly zips through the events of the teaser: evacuated city, incoming drop pods, big explosion. After a long time the occupant of one pod, thought by the Superintendent to be dead, emerges, just as a squad of Brutes is apparently searching for him. He seems to consider following, or perhaps attacking them, but eventually heads off in the other direction.The hero is recognizable an ODST. Like the Chief, he (or she) has their face covered by a helmet, and doesn't speak a word, so it is difficult to relate to them at first.Then I watched it again with the music.That made all the difference. Now I'm excited to play this game. I mean... ODSTs, rain and saxophones? How can you go wrong?