This Is How The Story Ends

In response to those who've asked me what do you think of Halo 3 I wrote a long piece on finishing the fights. Halo, being a first person shooter with a linear story has a number of "finishes", though. There are the conflicts the player is a direct party to, but there are other story elements as well, and action that takes place away from the player. How well does Bungie bring this epic trilogy to a close?

This Is How The Game Ends

Since before I'd even managed to finish the fight on Heroic, let alone Legendary, people have been asking... "so, what do you think of Halo 3?"Given the thousands of words I've hurled at Halo 2 over the years that seems like a rather broad question. When pressed, most people admit what they really want to know is what I think of the ending of Halo 3.Even that can be broken down further.

Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Frankie does a good impression of Officer Barbrady while talking to Game Informer about the Microsoft-Bungie split:

Bungie Declares Independence

SketchFactor has posted a press release on that declares that Bungie Studios will become a privately held company. Bungie LLC will have Microsoft as a partner and a minority shareholder and will continue to make games for the Xbox.

Flood Fails To Dampen Enthusiasm For Halo 3

If I was apprehensive about anything in Halo 3, it was the Flood. Halo 1 has reached a certain legendary status amongst fans, but even it has a sore spot for many: the Library, where you navigate endless repeating dark corridors with endless hordes only four enemies to fight: Human Flood combat forms, Elite Flood combat forms, Carrier forms and Infection forms. The level goes on a floor or two longer than it really has to, and only has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it seem fresh.

Halo 3 Needs No Punctuation. Period.

The Zero Punctuation videoblog at The Escapist proves that it's much easier to be funny when criticizing something than praising it, and their review of Halo 3 is indeed funny. I just can't figure out if it's funny for the sake of it, or whether the reviewer honestly dislikes the game as much as the review says and being funny is just a byproduct of that.

Microsoft Denies Bungie Separation Rumor

This is the most definitive link I can find for what is so far a non-story story about Microsoft somehow letting Bungie become independent again.The official Microsoft response to reports in Jacob Metcalf's blog that allege Bungie is leaving Microsoft was:

First Impressions Of Halo 3

It's tired cliché that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.Despite rampant accusations of having a story that's derivative pulp, the first half of Halo 3 is not a tired cliché, nor does it need a second chance to make a first impression.Hearing from a number of reviewers and community members who played through the game in a single sitting under Bungie's purview, I've decided to play no more than two campaign levels a day in order to savor the experience. To get my Halo 3 fix the rest of the day, I watch films of those levels, hunt for skulls, or play around in Forge.

Bungie Confirms Halo 3 Runs in 640p

The latest Bungie update covers a number of topics, including achievements and skulls, but the real revelation is that unlike most Xbox 360 games, Halo 3's native resolution is 640p, as rumored:

I Will Be Getting Halo 3 week.It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this site that I've lived overseas for eight years, and as such, I can't walk down to the corner store to pick up Halo 3, it has to be couriered to me.I ordered a Legendary Edition from, and Blackstar has now shipped it to me via FedEx.


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