One Good Turnaround Deserves Another

The Seattle Post Intelligencer wonders if Halo 3 can 'turn things around' for Microsoft's Xbox 360.While I know from personal experience that copyeditors are sometimes pressed for time, I'm still at a loss to understand that headline.  Click here for the complete text.

Brady To Moss

If you haven't already, subscribe to the Bungie Podcast via iTunes.The latest edition features Paul Bertone talking about mission design, as well as a friendly wager between him and Luke Smith.Bertone, a Patriots fan, predicted 90 catches, 1100 yards, and 20 TDs for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Don't Believe The Hype

Gamers With Jobs urges gamers not to expect too much from Halo 3, because nothing can live up to the hype. While examining the extent to which our appetites are dictated to us by the omnipresence of information about AAA must-sell titles, it does seem that some of Julian "rabbit" Murdoch's theses say more about his approach to gaming in specific and entertainment in general than the medium itself.In response to having one's expectations brought too high, Murdoch quotes Alice Walker:

Investigator Calls Halo 3 Manual A Trade Secret

Back in August, gaming website Kotaku posted scans of what purported to be a leaked Halo 3 manual on their site. Not knowing if they were genuine, they put them up and let the readership decide whether to give them credence or not.Now it seems that Internet Investigator James Young has sent Kotaku a rather odd letter.

Register And Vote

Sorcha Payne wants you to register and vote. If you don't, she'll pus bomb you, don't think she won't.

teh spice must flo

"for he is the kwisatz haderach"

EFF: Game Content Usage Rules Extend Your Rights

There's been an awful lot of community discussion around the first version of Microsoft's recently released Game Content Usage Rules.

Replay It Again, Sam: What Makes Games Re-Playable?

It's hard to escape the concept of repetition in entertainment, especially in gaming. While the word "repetitive" itself is often used as a criticism (hello Halo 1's interiors) games are designed to be played repeatedly, and incorporate repetitive elements into their designs.It's understandable. As an object lesson in entertainment economics, look at the DVD player. Widely hailed as the fastest-adopted new entertainment technology, it is built on the foundation of repetition; the idea that people will want to play the movies and television shows they love over and over.

Requiem For An Xbox

Earlier this week I experienced something that, up until now, I thought only other people had to go through.Xbox hardware failure.I plugged it in, and instead of the familiar sights and sounds of console startup, I got a loud pop and a puff of smoke.Is it the Red Ring of Death, people ask? Am I going to get a new unit under Microsoft's new three year warranty? Nope, I say. Because I'm not talking about my Xbox 360.

The Future Of PC Gaming Is Not Casual

The Escapist article The Future Of PC Gaming Isn't You simultaneously contains one of the most true and one of the most false statements I can recall recently about this whole "casual gaming" thing that, like wireless technology, people just won't shut up about.The most true is this:


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