Microsoft Allows MMO Developers To Require Hard Drive

Two and a half years ago, I said that rumors that the Xbox 360 would not have a hard drive as standard were evidence that either the speculators, or someone at Microsoft, were on crack.

Syndrome De La Page Blanche

In French, the phrase "syndrome de la page blanche", or white page syndrome, is intended as an expression of writer's block; the inability to begin a project faced with an empty page.Myself, I always viewed it as an expression of the usefulness of limitations, boundaries, and direction: one of the reasons why so many works are derivatives and combinations is because it is easier to start with what you know and then change it than trying to tilt at the windmill of creating something truly unique.

Halo Player's Guide to Marathon

Some of us senior citizens are having a blast now that Marathon: Durandal is out for Xbox Live Arcade. I'll post later in greater length about how this adaptation is simultaneously absolutely faithful to the original while still timely and fun, and how its design teaches lessons still relevant a decade after its release. However, many Halo fans have never played Marathon. Many may not have heard of it until now.

Halo 3 Campaign Trailer, Scene By Scene

I've captured screens from many, but not all, of the individual scenes within the Halo 3 E3 2007 Campaign Trailer. Some contain things of note that have yet to be confirmed, and others show new versions of familiar objects from the Halo universe.There appear to be three distinct kinds of scenes in the trailer.

Halo Campaign Trailers: Disintegrating Plot And Gameplay

Halo trailers have usually fallen into one of three categories: announcement, multiplayer, and campaign.

Gaming The Game In Halo 3

While part of me still hopes somehow that the list of Halo 3 Achievements discovered awhile back at is not entirely legitimate, or at least not complete and final, it did contain something quite interesting. The final nine achievements are worded like so:

Visited Countries

Because it's all about the countries. Although it seems I'm overlooking a continent or two.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Visited States

Shamelessly borrowed from heptarch... but I'll go one step further momentarily...

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Quick Hits: Iris Annoys, Achievements List Puzzles

First off, a quick apology for the lack of updates around here. Mrs. Narcogen and I have been moving all our worldly possessions crosstown in cardboard boxes, suitcases and backpacks over the past two weeks, and the job now is nearly done. For me, that makes... eleven apartments in thirteen years. The new place once again has a separate room for all the gadgetry, so that's where the New Rampancy Towers is located.Iris Reaches Out And Touches... The Wrong Person

Halo 3 Beta Quick Report: Parting Shots

So now it's over. For just about everybody. I thought I'd do one last collection of observations about the Beta before we begin the four months or so waiting for the Real Thing to arrive. However, before that happens, it's interesting to note that the beta didn't end at the same time for everybody...Click "read more" from the front page for the entire text. read more


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