Fantastic lightning storm here last night around 10 p.m. or so... took some video, maybe I'll edit it and put some up if it turned out well enough.

I know, I know... silly to be videotaping natural phenomena that are global while I'm on the other side of the world. I promise I'll take the camera out into the city for some more interesting footage very soon.

Cisco Update And Other Stuff

After registering this morning, I discovered all the sessions were in Russian, so I let two of the technical staff go in my place; just as well since the meeting at Kazakhtelecom took longer than I thought, and I had more work to do in the office anyway.

Still managed to see Lena for a late lunch, which made the day that much more pleasant. Thought I might stop by the Ankara for the Cisco Expo dinner, but instead decided to go through with my regularly scheduled Russian lesson-- this time, nouns only, so it'll be less confusing.

Even More Photos

They'll keep coming until someone hollers at me to stop. I've added two more photo pages: one showing the apartment I'm staying in, the other vaguely work-related.


Well, since I've already played just about every level of Halo half a dozen times, including playing the complete game through at least once on Easy, Normal, and Legendary difficulty settings, I've been using a few spare moments (usually just before bed) to look at some of the other Xbox games.

Starfighter wasn't very pretty or playable-- the controls seemed completely counter-intuitive, and it wasn't possible for me to get into playing.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems had a reception to celebrate the opening of their new representative office in Kazakhstan last night at the Ankara hotel; great food, lots of good contacts, even though it was a small group and everyone already knew everybody else, for the most part.

More Photo Pages Added

I've added two more pages of photos-- one of Lena (name withheld) and another from this past January in Turkey during the snowstorm there.


Cisco Systems is opening up an office in Almaty, and tonight they are having a reception at the Ankara Hotel, with technical seminars to be presented tomorrow. (Which is kind of a pain in the ass, since I have a meeting with Kazakhtelecom at 10 tomorrow, which means I have to register for the seminar, go to Kazakhtelecom, and then come back later.

Diana Brett, exec. director of AmCham, will also be going. Hopefully I'll catch up with Lena later on.

I need to play more tennis.

Actually, I need a vacation.

Synthetic Fibers update now runs using the same site software used here at, at, and at

In addition, there are sites for other potential clients in development that use this software, as well as test sites for clients of Arna (Kazintel) in Kazakhstan, including


Lena's host father from the US, Bart, flew back to Iowa via Istanbul, Paris, and Cincinatti early this morning. Today she'll take her GRE in preparation for going to university in Germany starting this summer.

Birthday Party Photos

I've put up a few photos from Isabella's recent first birthday party.


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