Photo gallery changes

The old photo gallery script I wrote is going to be retired.

This new site system doesn't have such a facility; instead, I'll be using a program that came with my digital camera to create gallery pages, and then paste them into this system.

This costs me a little bit of flexibility-- there will no longer be a possibility to search for individual photos according to various criteria in the database; but it should allow me to put photos on the site much more quickly than the old one at a time method.


Went to see "Birthday Girl" (in Russian) yesterday with Lena. Interesting to notice they dubbed over Nicole Kidman's Russian performance with another voice actress also speaking in Russian. In one scene, an actor speaking in Russian was dubbed over in Russian, then another character translated that from Russian into English, which was also dubbed over again in Russian.

After that we met Galina and Bart (Lena's host father in Iowa) for dinner at Venezia, then played pool at Metro (Galina and Lena beat us handily all 3 games).

Site work

Most of the old creative works, prose and poetry, have been put into the new system.

Only one of the visual items has been, and none of the photo galleries have been done yet.

A Few Minor Additions

There are a couple of recent additions in the creative section.

Re-Post of News From Jan 21

Here's a re-post into the new system of the news post from January 21.


Look, some news... finally!Posted by David on 2002-21-01 01:27Well, it's been a long, long time since I updated this page, but since I've had a special request from a certain someone to read it, I thought I'd better put something interesting here.


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