More Torch Relay Photos

Here are some other blogs that also have photo collections from Tuesday's Olympic torch relay in Almaty:

Overpass Construction

The intersection of Mukanov and Abai near our apartment has been closed for the past few months for the construction of an underpass; here's a time lapse film of some of the work.


Time lapse movie of sunrise over the Tien Shan mountains in Almaty, March 2008.

Olympic Torch Relay In Almaty

Bearers carried the Olympic torch down Abai street in Almaty, Kazakhstan on April 2, 2008.

Get Back On The Track, Jack

HBO today points to an interesting blog entry by an English teacher in Korea, playing Halo 3 (apparently for the first time or nearly so) in Korean without English subtitles, and so without much insight into the story or what the player is supposed to do:

It Came From The 80s

I hardly ever do these blog meme things, but since I liked this one when I saw it on Heptarch's blog, I figure'd I'd do it. He got it from jenderelly.

1. How old were you in 1980?
Nine. 1980 was also notable as the birth year of my younger sister.

2. How old were you in 1989?
Eighteen. This was my senior year in high school; I turned eighteen that October.

How To Open Sheet Music Files

To open PrintMusic files, get the free FinaleNotepad program. Versions are available for Windows and Mac OS X. It opens PrintMusic files, as well as imports and exports MIDI.To download the free program, the Finale website will require you to register a free account with them. Be sure to check the opt-in marketing settings at the bottom of the form if you don't want them to email you or give your contact information to their partners.

Halo 3 Soundtrack Adds Epic Sound To Epic Scenes: Part Three

Now that I've recovered from my Super Bowl hangover, here's the promised conclusion to my three-part review of Halo 3's soundtrack.Edge Closer starts out airy and atmospheric but soon turns into something like a technofied, up-tempo version of Covenant Dance as you fight your way back out from the map room for extraction, finishing with another drum-pounding Pelican pickup that is very similar to the one that ended the very first level.Finish the Fight gets turned into a combat anthem for Three Gates, a rollicking piano heavy piece that starts during the introductory cutscene for The Covena

How To Upload Sheet Music

After the last tutorial on how to download sheet music files there were some requests on how to upload files to the site for other readers to see.If you've transcribed some music from Halo or any other Bungie or Wideload game and would like to share it with the community here through Rampancy's sheet music section, first you need to have an account, confirm that account, and be logged in. All of those steps are covered in the tutorial on How To Download Sheet Music Files.

First We Take Manhattan

Ron Gilbert at Grumpy Gamer stole my thunder with his succinct post on the monster movie Cloverfield. However, while he was pleased that it was a film that features a giant monster killing annoying hipsters/yuppies (do yuppies still exist?) I was annoyed that it didn't happen fast enough.

As always, spoilers, blah blah blah.


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